Vertical conveyor are intended to move piece cargo (boxes, bricks, packages, etc.) in the vertical plane (up — down) with the significant heights of various areas of the transportation lines.

Vertical conveyor can also be supplied to the customer as a separate product with a set of the linearly vertically transported in a rigid frame loading platforms.

The line can be designed on demand, which includes:

— supplying of a horizontal conveyor with the automated system of movement of the cargo to the loading platform of vertical conveyor;

— vertical conveyor;

— outfeed conveyor with the automated system of removal cargo from the loading platform of the vertical conveyor.

At the same time synchronization of the transported elements of conveyors or introduced for this purpose devices of discrete supply and removal of the cargo from the loading platforms using the pneumatic drives can be applied in the automated systems of loading and unloading.

Our vertical conveyors are equipped with all necessary security tools: protective fencing, emergency switches and others.