CAM00983wBelt conveyor are of different configuration, with different geometrical sizes and types of baggage conveyor belt (as for food production as for general technical use), domestic or foreign producers. All conveyors are manufactured from high quality components at competitive prices of best foreign analogues.

Belt conveyor (baggage conveyor belt) are designed for the transportation of different cargoes (artificial and flowable) on the necessary distance. We produce belt conveyors with different geometrical sizes and types of conveyor belt, herewith moving of cargoes can be implemented in the horizontal plane as well as with incline (lifting or lowering). Belt conveyors can be used as separate products or as a part of various production and technological lines.

Conveyor belts are suitable for the transportation of cobbed, artificial and poured cargo. Conveyors are most frequently used in the following industries: agricultural industry, industrial production, mines and mineries. Belt conveyors are also widely used in chemical and mining industry. A distinctive feature of a belt conveyor is that it can be used for the transportation of food and non-food goods.
The conveyor can be equipped with different types of conveyor belts (such as for food production and general technical use) from domestic or foreign producers.
The use of frequency converters allows producing smooth speed control of transportation.
Operating principle
The principle of operating the belt conveyor is simple. A flexible tape which is the main working part goes around the drive and tension drum, that put in motion the conveyor motor through a gear. The roller bearings are installed in the spans between the drums with a certain distance on the frame, where the belt conveyors are based. As a rule, the arrival of the material on the tape is carried out through the loading funnel, and unloading — through drive drum.