The main directions of industrial development include creating of new highly productive lift-and-carry systems. One of the most effective systems that provide high performance and economic feasibility are the conveyor systems. In modern mass and serial production conveyors are an indispensable part of the technological process, they regulate the manufacturing, its rhythm, promote labour productivity and increase of the number of products that are produced, can solve the question of complex automation of transport-technological processes. The direct connection of conveyor systems with overall technological process of manufacturing presents to them special requirements towards strength and opportunity to work in automatic modes.

Since 2006 LLC «VIPLAST» manufactures conveyor systems of various levels of difficulty. High professionalism of our team enables us to produce belt, vertical, chain, roller and apron conveyors. Due to the experience and professionalism of our staff we are able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

LLC «VIPLAST» carries out repair and modernization of conveyors of domestic and foreign production. We are able to upgrade obsolete equipment, and any foreign conveyor according to customer’s requirements.

Warranty service of conveyors is provided by LLC «VIPLAST» during 1 year. We also provide post-warranty service if necessary, or in case of the conclusion of additional agreement with a certain periodicity.

Lathe work is one of the services provided by LLC «VIPLAST», we provide services as for enterprises аs for private customers.


Milling — is a process of processing metal by cutting, during which the milling cutter carries rotational movement when a raw part goes forward or does rotational movement of convey. Only in some cases milling cutter performs the movement of convey except of the main one.

LLC «VIPLAST» carries out all kinds of milling operations qualitatively and at reasonable prices.

LLC «VIPLAST» provides services for powder dyeing — technological application of paint on the metal surfaces. The paint is a powder that is composed of resin and pigments, and also various supplements that affect the uniformity of spill and the creation of the film.

The size of the camera: 6m x 2m x 2m 24m3

Powder dyeing is a modern and effective method of colouring metal surfaces.



Allowable thickness of the metal: 0,8-20 mm;

allowable size of the metal sheet: 1500 x 2500 mm (1500 x 3000 mm);

short terms of execution of orders;

the possibility of drawing generation;

discount system.

The metal cutting can be executed in various ways, one of the most effective methods is plasma cutting.

Plasma cutting of metal — is heat treatment of metal that depends on the parameters of working jet gas or liquid stream that is directed to the processed surface under pressure. To get the best results, the jet must meet the following characteristics:

The speed at which the jet is directed to the surface of the material.


The presence of the electrical circuit.

Plasma cutting of metal is widely used in:

Processing — using plasma it is possible to cut any kind of metal, colour, heat-proof and black;

Manufacturing of metal structures;

Artistic forging and processing pieces;

Industry, engineering, capital construction of buildings, aircraft etc.

The advantages of using plasma cutting, that are carried out by LLC «VIPLAST» are as following:

High performance and speed of processing of pieces;


Accuracy – the deformations from the heat treatment are almost invisible and do not require additional treatment later;