Roller conveyor (roll-table) are designed for the transportation of packaged cargo (boxes, stacked tray etc.). Rollers are used as a load-carrying element. The rollers rotate in bearings on fixed axis of the conveyor frame. The length of the roller is always bigger than the width or diameter of the cargo and the distance between the rollers is slightly smaller than half of the length of the cargo.

Roller conveyor are manufactured as with the drives, and without them (gravitational), herewith the electric motor can provide movement of the whole conveyor section (about 10 meters) depending on the load on its surface. Driving roll-tables in their turn are divided by the type of drive organ, that is with the help of chain transmission and the polyurethane belts. Gravity roll-tables are used to transport goods over short distances. Cargo is moved both manually (horizontal single-plane roll-tables) and under its own force of gravity (sloped roll-tables). In the gravitational roller conveyors (with a slope of 2-5 degrees) rollers rotate freely under force of gravity of transported cargo.

LLC «VIPLAST» produces roll-tables of different lengths with different geometry of the designs (straight, rotary, serpentine).The material of the rollers production — stainless or structural steel, plastic or aluminum  alloys.

The use of standard elements allows changing the length of the conveyor with its combination of different aggregates easily.