Apron conveyor in different versions: single-row or multi-row, straight, sloping and rotary; the material of manufacturing plates — plastic or stainless steel. All conveyors are made of high quality components at competitive prices of best foreign analogues.

Apron conveyor are designed for transporting unit objects (bottles, cans, rigid containers, etc.). Metal or plastic carrier consisting of separate plates attached to one or two bush-roller traction chains is used as a load-carrying element.

We produce apron conveyors of different lengths with different sizes of plates, the material of plate — plastic or stainless steel.  The use of standard elements (plates) makes it easy to change the length of the conveyor with its combination of different aggregates. The versatility of apron conveyor design, their high reliability, durability and ease of maintenance provide their wide use in various industries.


Moreover, apron conveyors can be made on the basis of chain transportation system. This type of apron conveyors is used in the conditions of large loads on the running metre, that is at the industrial enterprises for the transportation of metal consumption, overall finished products.